Wedding bands, cocktail rings, engagement rings and pendants all made with input from my customers.

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I am passionate about my design and I love designing a personal gift with my DNA all through the work. That means beautiful finish and made in Central Copenhagen.

I work primarily with 14 and 18 carat gold and precious stones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines etc. 

Classic or not?
An engagement ring with a 14 karat yellow gold band with the finest diamonds and a 1.72 carat center stone customized – the setting is securely held by four split-prongs and with two halos underneath the center stone set with tiny sparkling diamonds. Details and finish is at it’s highest.
Or what about a less classic wedding band like the twist ring with an extra twist. The customer loves rubies, so I included that in the design.
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Yours proudly
Engagement ring

Planning to propose?

  • Budget: minimum 3000 €
  • Payments: 10-20 months – with no interest or hidden fees 
  • Ring size – look at the ring size guide in the bottom
  • Color: Yellow, rose or white gold
  • Carat: 14 or 18 carat
  • Style: Classic or classic with a twist
  • Deadline: 6-8 weeks all depending on the season
Payment & Cancellation
  • 50% deposit up front the rest will be paid, when you pick up your ring. 
  • Cancellation is not possible when approved and the deposit is paid.  
GIA – Certificate
We provide you with GIA-certificate with stones bigger than 0,30 carats. 

Sign up discounts does not apply to customized pieces.