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For Keeps Large Figaro Chain Bracelet

Haniel jewelry permanente bracelet. 18ct gold large figaro chain bracelet

2.400 kr.

Nu kan du betale for dit næste smykke over 10 måneder. Beløb mellem 4.500 DKK og 40.000 DKK er uden ekstra gebyr og med 0% i rente! Læs mere.  

For Keeps smykkerne skal monteres i vores butik. Du skal derfor afhente og få påsat smykket hos os. Book din tid herunder.

FOR KEEPS permanente bracelet
18ct. gold large figaro chain bracelet

For love. For remembrance. For friendship. For Keeps.

Haniel Jewelry makes bracelets and rings For Keeps.

Each is measured to fit you perfectly and then welded around your wrist or finger. With no clasp, you cannot take yours on and off, so you will always be accessorized with a little shine!

A For Keeps piece is the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion or relationship. Get one to mark an anniversary, celebrate a promotion, remember a lost loved one, or honor a lifelong friendship. No matter the reason, your For Keeps piece will help you hold onto the memory, making it everlasting.

Come in with your friend, partner, sibling, parent, or just yourself.