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A Permanent Reminder Bracelet

A permanent reminder
A permanent reminder is a creative collaboration between Haniel Jewelry and lululand.io.
It’s a small collection of “permanent” jewelry that are welded on in our store. No clasps.
The bracelets are made out of 18K solid gold and “permanent” unless you choose to cut them off.
PRICE:  DKK 1250
A permanent reminder can be about whatever you want it to be; a reminder to yourself or a loved one, a symbol of your children, friendship, your journey, or a personal goal. You decide what it means to you!
You can book in the shop in Gothersgade 27, Copenhagen or by writing an email to info@hanieljewelry.com.
Payment before booking by mobilepay to 974737 or
send us an email, if you like to make a transfer.